Adults, as well as children, have used NeurOptimal® neurofeedback to address the negative effects arising from depression, anxiety, PTSD, Alzheimer’s, autism, sleep disorders, misophonia and other complaints.

The FDA has approved neurofeedback as effective for stress reduction and the American Pediatric Academy has endorsed neurofeedback aka EEG biofeedback as a “Level 1/Best Support” treatment for children with ADHD. Furthermore, the APA has equated neurofeedback with medication in terms of efficacy for resolving ADHD.


  • Ongoing research has shown the benefits of neurofeedback with patients suffering from Alzheimers (Study 1) (Study 2)

  • Effects of NeurOptimal neurofeedback on symptoms of Depression and Anxiety (Study 1) (Study 2)

  • A recent study has shown how neurofeedback has effectively reduced the cognitive impairment of chemotherapy, reducing "Chemo Brain" symptoms of brain fog and memory recall
    (Study 1) (Study 2)

  • Six case studies examining the effectiveness of a comprehensive adaptive approach to Neurofeedback for Attention Deficit in an educational setting (Study)

  • The use of NeurOptimal® with a young adult with an acute Traumatic Brain Injury (Study)

  • Recovery from Physical, Psychological and Cognitive trauma using NeurOptimal® (Study)