A successful business relies on mental clarity.

In 2014/15 a study revealed how 9.9 million working days were lost due to work related stress. This amounted to an average of 23 days per person. (source)

Peak Performance increase with neurofeedback

It's likely that you and your team have come up against stress, anxiety, burnout and decision fatigue already. It can lead to a drop in your business's productivity, creativity and eventually it's bottom line.

Below we have highlighted the top areas identified by entrepreneurs, business owners and employees that continue to have the biggest impact on their daily professional and personal lives.

We have then provided data collected over 10 years that quickly demonstrates how applying neurofeedback within your company can dramatically reduce the symptoms associated with stress management, anxiety, memory, attention, focus and so much more.

The end result? An increase in mental resilience, a much more stable baseline and clearer decision making. Neurofeedback has already been used by many multi-millionaire entrepreneurs, politicians and industry leaders to optimise their companies and lives.

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I have used NeurOptimal with two business owners for stress management, which continued on for peak performance via intermittent booster sessions. After the presenting problems of sleep and anxiety were resolved, both continued because of the sharpness of thinking, ease of problem solving and decision making from an inner calmness they experienced as a consequence of attending a session. One of the two enjoyed a number of deep insights involving the resolution of technical engineering problems during two sessions
— www.neuroptimal.com


Burnout is something the modern world is all too familiar with. Long hours, working through lunch and tight deadlines. We never allow ourselves to rest and recover enough before a new working week appears.
Burnout effects our decision making, mood, mind-set, productivity and so much more.

As you can see here when clients use our neurofeedback service they start seeing a dramatic reduction in the symptoms of burnout. 11-20 sessions yielded a 67% reduction in the symptoms of burnout alone and when they ran 20+ sessions a massive 78% reduction. What would this kind of change do for your company?


Your ability to handle stressful situations can directly dictate how your team and colleagues trust in your ability to perform and contribute. If you buckle under pressure, whether in an interview or boardroom setting it can speak volumes.
When you allow neurofeedback to integrate changes in brain function you can set new - calmer baselines that you can quickly return to should a stressful situation arise.
You can keep calm and focused under pressure and lead your team through a busy work day. As you can see in the data, after
20+ sessions a monumental 91% increase in the ability to manage stress was shown. 

A 35 year old business owner came in for peak performance. He wanted to increase his focus, his capacity to organise activities and completing tasks. He had a brain injury and an addiction to caffeine (2 litres a day). He has a few employees and a large family (5 children). He was under a great amount of stress, feeling worried, overwhelmed. He did 52 sessions of NeurOptimal, first he lost his addiction to caffeine. Then felt able to start a new project for his business. He became patient again, and then very patient at home. He is able to handle difficult negotiation communication and finish tasks he’d left on the side. Feels like he has a clear mind. Here is part of his testimonial: “NeurOptimal has been an incredible journey. The process has exceeded my expectations, improving my patience & creativity” T.D, 36 35 years old, male, CA, U.S.A
— www.neuroptimal.com

Another area entrepreneurs and business owners identified as problematic is the simple act of staying focused on the tasks at hand.
When attention slides and procrastination sets in productivity grinds to a halt.
When you actively optimise brain function by changing your brain wave patterns you start noticing you're able to keep concentration on tasks for much longer.
What would a 67% increase in the ability to remain focused throughout the day do for your business?


When you get hit with an influx of tasks, requests and information you need the ability to remember everything fast. Studies have shown that an impaired visual or working memory can directly influence interactions with customers and clients. Being able to easily upgrade your memory simply by getting neurofeedback sessions is easily the most efficient and useful tool for you and your business, it's that simple. 73% increase in working memory after 20 sessions? Book now and get started. 


When you arrange to have your business optimised with neurofeedback, we will come to your office and put together an action plan so you can ensure you and your staff get the maximum benefits from each session.

Business Leaders -
Able to stay ‘quiet’ under pressure, increased ability to take in more info, make quicker decisions, able to remain calm under pressure, able to better negotiate with others who are less rational or more reactive than they, others respect them more as they are able to stay strong and supportive in a crisis, they are the quiet centre of their business, someone others can count on for stability and rational behaviour in crisis situations as well as day to day running of the business.
Sales -
Less fear for themselves that leads to more availability, attention and compassion for clients, clients like them more, less concern over their day to day mood which is more likely to be upbeat, better ability to think on the fly and come up with creative solutions to problems.
Movie Business (composing, acting, directing) -
Increased focus and concentration, better ability to remain calm under pressure, better ability to memorise lines, more stable mood so doesn’t interfere with performance or production.
Director said “i got everything I wanted out of this and more”.